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 The FarmerChef  Tour


Discover the Culinary Excellences of Italy !!!

 11 day Farming and Culinary Trip 

Tour through Umbria, Lazio, Tuscany & Emilia Romagna, discovering the origin of the most influential culinary products and producers of Italy

                    11 Day FarmerChef Tour INCLUDES:

    • Orvieto: The Duomo, Orvieto Underground, Walking tour to the Etruscan Tombs

    • Umbrian Wines: Workshop at Falesco Winery with seminar 

    • The Farmer’s Market in Orvieto: Workshop with tastings 

    • BBQ at the Farm “Casa Segreta”!!!  

    • Buffalo mozzarella: Workshop and tasting at farm Luisa Montefiascone 

    • Wild cherry wine: Workshop and tasting at “Svinnere” Orvieto 

    • Medieval Cellar: Workshop and wine tasting at Foresi Orvieto 

    • Truffle hunting: Hunting with Giovanni and his dog Chris!

    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: modern production in Montecchio

    • Pork butchering: Workshop with tasting at Fratelli Oreto in Orvieto

    • Chocolate: Perugina Chocolate, Visit to the museum, hands-on class

    • Prosciutto di Parma: Worshop at a producer in Parma Langhirano

    • Balsamic Vinegar: Workshop and tasting in Montecchio Reggio Emilia

    • Parmigiano Reggiano: Workshop at the Gold Medal Parmigiano producer in Parma

    • Lambrusco Wine: Workshop and tasting in  Montecchio Reggio Emilia

    • Brunello di Montalcino: workshop and tasting at Altesino in Montalcino

    • Chianti : Workshop with tasting at Cantina Ercolani in Montepulciano

    • Pots & Pans: Workshop at Cesare Mazzetti Cuppersmith 

    • Grappa: Workshop and tasting at Bonollo Distillery, Siena

    • Cinta Senese pigs: Workshop at a farm in Tuscany, with salami tasting

    • Chianina Cow: Workshop at a farm in Tuscany



COST: € 3,590,00 per person/ DOUBLE OCCUPANCY

          € 3,790,00 per person/ SINGLE OCCUPANCY

Download the complete 

11 day FarmerChef Tour

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